Unofficial Trilogy… Shott Gunnn! Kid Detective Edition

Ah, the good ol’ days.  But as Billy Joel once said:

The good ol’ days aren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.

The same could be said for this slightly different Unofficial Trilogy.  It’s unofficial for the simplest reason – they’re home videos.  A grouping of skits that I made with my kid brother starting back in 1991 (when he was around 7 and I was around 16) and ending the early winter of last year.

If you watch them, I hope you enjoy them.  If you don’t, don’t ever come looking for help from Shott Gunnn!

(SIDENOTE: Some history… the first two were filmed within rainy days of each other.  I started each with a basic idea, but we made the dialogue and action up as we went along.  I edited them both in camera, rewinding to erase takes, most times not successfully.  The last one was filmed on an iPhone 4s, which is a fraction of the size of a VHS tape.  It’s a worthy homage of the originals, including mistakes and all.  If you get through all three, I think you’d agree that it wraps things up nicely, bringing the Unofficial Trilogy full circle.)

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