JusWondering… Am I The Show Killer?

One won; one lost.

Every season on network television, new shows come and new shows go.  That’s why I made a vow long ago to wait until the second season before I get involved in anything shiny.

This worked with LOST.  Although I wish that I waited until it was all over to ask if it was planned out like I had hoped, or completely made up as it went along, like so many accused it of doing.  (It was fucking made up, by the way.)

This hasn’t worked with Fringe, though.  I am currently so far behind, I’m willing to let it end and have someone tell me if it was worth it or not.  I’m not going through another LOST scenario, if I can help it.

Here are some other shows I skipped in its first run, which were inevitably cancelled:

  • Firefly
  • Invasion
  • FlashForward
  • V (this did make it to two season, technically, but it only ran for a total of 22 episodes)
  • Jericho
Here’s one show I broke my rule on and should have skipped in its first run:
  • Heroes

What’s not really that interesting to note is these are all sci-fi shows.  Not a drama or comedy in the bunch.  To be fair, I really don’t watch dramas, and the comedies I watch are weird, so I don’t expect them to be on more than a year (with the exception of Undeclared… that should have had a longer run).

So this year, I tacked on a few new shows: Up All Night, Free Agents, and The Playboy Club.  I felt lucky after adding one new network show last year (Raising Hope).  Two of the three are already gone (Up All Night has thus far evaded the axe).

I thought Free Agents was a smart relationship comedy with solid talents attached; The Playboy Club was stylish and sort of interesting, with plenty of cheese to spare.  (Okay, I only watched it because of Amber Heard.)  In both of these shows defense, they were trying something different… unlike the horrible Whitney and even worse 2 Broke Girls.  I would try to watch these to get them cancelled, but it’s already too late to end them early

Perhaps I can prevent a second year… (Who am I kidding!?  They’re both too terrible to watch!)

I've seen funnier billboards than this billboard AND show.

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