monkeyFLASHmonkeyBACK… What Kind Of Class Song Is This?

Here’s what I would have might have written if I had a blog in 1993.  It’s what I still think today.

Abandoned Slogan: "Good thing she drives him crazy."

When I graduated grade school four years ago, the song She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals was selected as our class song, and I was completely against it.  The only problem?  I had no other suggestions.  What does She Drives Me Crazy have anything to do with leaving the eighth grade anyway?  Is it a critique of our teacher?  Even FYC’s Good Thing would have made a tad more sense, as in:

Good thing we’re graduating.

So as my high school graduation approached, talk of a class song came up.  I wasn’t going to get super involved, of course, but I knew one of the girls that was.  So I decided to throw a song idea her way.

She stated the group was considering Billy Joel’s This is the Time, which I agreed with, but it was already seven years old.  Plus, it trudged up memories of grade school… why didn’t I think to suggest that song?

She continued to add that Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle’s A Whole New World was another option.  Again, I wasn’t against it; my standards were pretty low.  But I still had my suggestion to float.

Then she brought up Amy Grant’s I Will Remember You.  I’ll admit it – I had a crush on the Christian-rocker-turned-pop-star, so I almost didn’t share my idea.  I said almost.

It wasn’t even my idea, anyway.  My buddy’s graduating class chose Van Halen’s Right Now, so I thought it would make a great statement to our teachers.  A rockin’ anthem of moving on; a slamming slight against our private school establishment.

Just like She Drives Me Crazy.  (Lesson learned.)

Well, even though Right Now was good enough for Crystal Pepsi, it wasn’t good enough for us.

In fact, none of those songs made the cut.  Our class song ended up being Alphaville’s Forever Young.  I’ve never even heard of that song!  They didn’t play it at graduation, so where else am I supposed to hear this stupid song?!  It’s not like I can command the radio to play whatever song I summon…

MODERN SIDENOTE: It would take many, many years for me to eventually hear Forever Young.  Man, does it suck or what?  Even the cover version sucks.  Also, want to know why I never heard of it?  The German synthpop song was already nine years old in 1993.

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  1. sgottahurt · October 12, 2011

    When embedding the songs in the above post (since there was no YouTube when this post was written *wink*), I let the video for “A Whole New World” play in the background. When I switched over, an image at the 1:45 mark surprised me. Then the entire video did. Just an FYI.

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