JusWondering… Why Aren’t There More Mythical Moves Named After Players

Currently, a certain phone company is running a campaign featuring Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals:

He uses that stick to keep from tipping over.

In the ad, they play with his name and create a mythical move… the Ovechtrick.  In other words, “a hat-trick of hat-tricks.”  In other-other words, “nine goals.”  It’s not an impossible move, but it is insanely unlikely.  (The most goals scored in one game was 7… by Joe Malone… in 1920.)

So I was JusWondering, what other mythical moves could be invented based upon famous athletes names?  Here are a few…


I bet you didn't see this joke coming.

This move, named after Cincinnati Reds’ legend Pete Rose (‘natch), is a daring tactic.  Comparable to the let it ride, it involves putting everything on the line, much like how the player played the game of baseball.  It differs only in the sense that it always works.

Here he is, putting it all on the line.

Like the Ovechtrick above, the Pete Raise is a mythical move, not to be used at any casino, or when online betting @ BetUS.com… unless you’re feeling luckier than Pete Rose, of course.


It's highly contagious.

Not quite on the level as (in fact, it’s nowhere near) another disease named after a sports legend (*tugs collar uncomfortably*), this mythical disease causes a player to keep moving, not just on the field, but from team to team.  And not in any quiet fashion.  The move must be made into a BIG DEAL.

You do not want to get a call from this guy. Or a text, apparently.

Initially thought to be isolated to one man and one sport, it appears that The Yellow Favre is spreading…

Told ya it was contagious.


He's immune to the Yellow Favre.

Not to be confused with Shaq Fu (or Steel for that matter), this is the mythical move in which Shaquille O’Neal never misses a free-throw.  This is the most magical move of all.  Mostly because Shaq has the luck of the Irish on his side.  Perhaps he might want to take his chances with The Pete Raise?

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