Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Tyler Perry Is Ed Burns 2.0

Allow me to begin with an apology.  I initially wanted this post to be about Katy Perry’s glorious set of… vocal pipes… but Best Week Ever beat me to the punch (italicized spelled-out sad face because I’m not found of emoticons).

So instead you get this: I was thinking about the career path of writer/director/Actor! Tyler Perry, and all of a sudden I couldn’t help but to be reminded of another writer/director/Actor! named Ed Burns.

If you need a refresher, here’s Perry:

He did not look like this for his cameo in "Star Trek."

As a refresher, here’s Burns:

Did I neglect to mention he's married to Christy Turlington?

So despite any glaring differences, how could I compare them?

  1. They’re both Christians.
  2. They both produce personal films.
  3. They’ve each made a total of ten films (so far), and are known for making them on low budgets.
  4. Both have dabbled in TV (Perry has produced two shows; Burns was a gofer on Entertainment Tonight).
  5. They’ve both had minor roles in major releases (as mentioned, Perry was in the newest Star Trek, and Burns was in Saving Private Ryan).
  6. They both are extremely rich.

And that’s why Tyler Perry is Ed Burns 2.0.

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