JusWondering… Can Music Stalk You?

He doesn't look at all like the stalking type...

Can music stalk you?

This was a question brought up by my friend Chris.  You see, within one week (six days actually), he encountered not one, not two, not three but three songs by Roger Miller.  I was not aware I was aware of him and his music, and neither was Chris, but for some reason, he decided to investigate.

On Tuesday, during an episode of the excellent Raising Hope (which was originally called Keep Hope Alive – a much funnier name),  there was a song featured as a recurring joke.  It was called, Do Wacka Do and it went a little something like this:

Then on Friday, while he was oot n’ aboot (that’s Canadian for “out on the town”), he heard King of the Road, a tune we were each already familiar with, but did not know the performer:

Then on Sunday, while watching the excellent Jackass 3D (which should have been called Keep Johnny Knoxville Alive), a bit was built around this ditty called You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd:

So can music (or in this case, musicians) stalk you?  All I know is it’s happened to me before.

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