So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Remake, Rinse, Or Repeat? Edition

This So, Duh! Pop Quiz could be viewed as skewed toward personal opinion, but you’re wrong.  Basically, this is a list of 80’s movies, and you need to decide if it could be remade (REMAKE), if the thought of that happening makes you recoil (RINSE), or if a sequel would even be allowed (REPEAT).

Are there right and wrong answers?  You betcha.

5)(posters via IMP Awards, answers after the jump)

  1. E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial = RINSE
  2. The Goonies = REPEAT
  3. Gremlins = REPEAT
  4. Big = RINSE
  5. The NeverEnding Story = REMAKE

(SIDENOTE: E.T. and Big should never be touched or retouched.  See the re-release of E.T. for proof.  A late sequel for The Goonies and Gremlins may become way more likely if the Tron sequel does well, but otherwise, the originals should be left alone.  And finally, The NeverEnding Story was cool at the time, but something about it never sat completely right with me.  Perhaps a nifty remake could resolve that.  (SIDENOTE WITHIN A SIDENOTE: Man… Steven Spielberg used to be The Shit.))


  1. Jeremy H · September 1, 2010

    Gremlins had a sequel, that should not have another made. Mainly because of the modern technology, I sure as hell don’t want to see a CGI Gremlin, it look terrible.

    As for The NeverEnding Story…that movie had some creppy moments that I could live without seeing again. Plus the remake would be directed by Tim Burton and it would have Johnny Depp as Falcor’s master.

  2. sgottahurt · September 1, 2010

    Three rules for making Gremlins 3:

    1) Keep it away from being a reboot.
    2) Don’t let any CGI Gremlins or Mogwai be in it.
    3) No matter what they do, never ever let it get filmed by M. Night.

    (…nor Brett Ratner, nor Michael Bay…)

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