Hibbidy-Wah?! Las Vegas Pistons Almost Happened (And May Still)?!

I think I like this logo.

Although odds are against this for now, there was a chance that Detroit’s basketball team was going to move to Las Vegas.  This opened up a table full of questions:

  • Would the Pistons have kept their name?
  • Would Detroit have picked up another team?

Okay, so a pair of questions.  Since the Detroit Pistons are currently up for sale, anything can happen before next season.  Aside from the move to another state, the most likely buyer could be:

Mike Ilitch, owner of the Red Wings and Tigers

But it’d be kinda cool if the buyer happened to be either of these guys:

Kid Rock and Eminem, but not in that order

If the Pistons did happen to leave, there could be the possibility of this:

LeBron left, so why not the team?

(SIDENOTE: You see, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is from Detroit, so you never know.)

MORAL OF THE STORY: Gambling is bad only if you’re losing.

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