So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Guess That 900 Number Edition

Can you call me?


For this edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz, I thought I’d go with a nostalgic walk down memory lane in the style of Pop Culture Perfect Storms.  

In the days of yore – “pre-TripleDoubleU” – there were only so many ways to get in touch with celebrities.  Actually, aside from fan letters and magazines, there was only one truly sorta interactive way to reach them… 900 phone numbers.  

This is a test of your memory or pure guessing skills.  The corresponding answers in the form of commercials follow after the jump.  Good luck!  

1) (900) 909-JEFF  

    a) Jeff Bridges
    b) DJ Jazzy Jeff
    c) Jeff Goldblum
    d) Jeff Daniels

 2) (900) 740-3500   

    a) Easter Bunny
    b) Santa Claus
    c) Fairy Godmother
    d) none of the above

3) (900) 909-FRED  

    a) Fred Savage
    b) Fred Kruger
    c) Fred McGriff
    d) Fred Stanley

4) (900) 909-1133 

    a) Women’s Secret Confessions, featuring Donna Rice
    b) Women’s Secret Confessions, featuring Fawn Hall
    c) Women’s Secret Confessions, featuring Jessica Hahn
    d) Women’s Secret Confessions, featuring “Marilyn Monroe” lookalike

5) (900) 490-FREAK  

    a) Freddie Freak
    b) a freaky puppet
    c) a waste of time
    d) all the above

6) (900) 660-4LOU  

    a) Lou Albano
    b) Lou Ferrigno
    c) Lou Diamond Phillips
    d) Luigi and Mario

7) (900) 909-5KIDS  

    a) Bebe’s Kids
    b) a group of five kids
    c) “Quints” brand dolls
    d) New Kids on the Block

8) (900) 909-4300  

    a) Easter Bunny
    b) Santa Claus
    c) Fairy Godmother
    d) none of the above

9) (900) 909-1800 

    a) Paula Abdul
    b) Madonna
    c) Stacey Q
    d) a guide to 800 numbers

10) (900) 909-MCMC 

    a) MC Skat Kat
    b) Mayor McCheese and Ronald McDonald
    c) Young MC
    d) MC Hammer

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