Coinkydink or Coinkydonk? Dude’s Name Looks Like A Lady’s

(Not So) Artistic Meeting of Artists

Ryan Star meet Ryan Starr.

One was on a reality show for singers and did not win.  There other was on a reality show for singers and did not win (well, he won a car, but not the show, Rock Star: Supernova).

But the one that won a car also has a new song on the radio (aside from a song on a movie soundtrack, the theme for a TV show, and various other sporting events):

Needless to say, I’m beginning to feel like he’s the health care plan (“They took our jobs!”), Justin Beiber, or the Kardashian sisters – he’s getting shoved down our throats… through our eardrums.

Look, I actually kind of like the song, but it could have been released by David Cook, David Archuleta, Kris Allen, or Daughtry (see where I’m going with this)… It feels mass-produced, processed, programmed.  Even the video is cloying.  But again, I had to use Shazam on my iPhone twice to figure out who sang it.  Twice.

So let’s get down to this name thing.  Ryan Star as a name sounds… derivative.  Not only because he shares it with American Idol Season 1 contestant, Ryan Starr (the extra R adds some flavorr), but also his surname with this motley crew:

Ringo Starr

Ken Starr

Captain Lone Starr

Rock Star



Patrick Star

In closing, and in Ryan Star’s defense… Star is the middle name his hippie parents gave him, but considering Tiffany Ryan Montgomery changed her name to Ryan Starr after some advice from Paula Abdul, that should speak volumes about your final choice.

And for the record Mr. Star, Ryan Kulchinsky will always be better than

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