JusWondering… Who Needs More Help With Their Local Logos?

Although this tourism commercial for the state of Ohio was not as hastily made as these ads for Cleveland, it still feels like a video I’d make to try to get people to come over my house.

Hey everybody, I have a big screen TV!  It’s 50 inches, but it’s rear projection and not widescreen, but it lights up my living room in the night!

I have a Nintendo Wii, an XBox 360, and a Playstation 3, as well!  Except, I don’t have any batteries for my WiiMotes, my 360 isn’t hooked up to XBox Live, and I only have one controller for my PS3!

But I do have Pizza Rolls in my freezer, as well as a bottle of Southern Comfort!  Also, there are six cans of Miller Lite in my fridge, but you’ll have to turn on the kitchen light because the bulb in the fridge has been burnt out for years!

Come to my house!

Besides those commercials, they run terrible radio ads I haven’t been able to find.  So instead, howzabout a couple of local Michigan companies that could have taken another pass at designing their company logos:

And if you're for the opposing team, F U!

And if this doesn’t make you raise your rooftop, I don’t know what will:

"Garages Gone Wild"


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  2. Dave · May 27, 2011

    I think Fanatic U might have taken your advice –

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