InASense, Lost… Poland? More Like Death Metal And Sexy Naked Lady Land

I’m a Polack.  Or I’m Polandese, or Polandan… whatever it’s called.

And having never been there, I would assume my fellow Polanders would be mild and meek.  Based upon the symphonic blackened death metal band (yes, that’s their description) from Poland, Vesania, I might have made a dupa of u and me.

Well, then at least their wholesome, right Joanna Krupa?  You can barely Google her and not find her bare somewhere.  (Not that I’m complaining.)

(SIDEJOKE: How many poles does it take to hold up a Pole that gets naked for PETA?  Answer in image below.)

Oh, that's not a pole holding her up. My bad.

(BONUS UNNECESSARY PUN: I’m gonna go Polish one off now.)

One comment

  1. big o · March 29, 2016

    Nice boobs and nice vagina

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