Awful Battle… Before They Were LOST


It’s final season is days away, and the anticipation of it is killing me.  Not literally.  It’s killing me kind of like how people get killed on LOST.  That is, what the fuck is going on in that show?

Anywidmore, when the show began airing in 2004, only a couple of the cast members were familiar faces.  If you happen to have a photographic memory, these Actors! would have been familiar as well.

This first clip is an old Old Navy ad.  Keep an eye out for Fran Drescher, Oprah’s Stedman, and… Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

This second video is a commercial for the phone sex live chat line, LiveLinks. If I knew I could talk to Evangeline Lilly (Kate), I might have called.  What do you mean you don’t get to talk to the girls on TV?  What kind of operation based on lies are they running?

Remember the old game show, Russian Roulette?  Well, Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has been trying to forget about it.  (Purely my speculation based on unfounded made-up facts.)

BONUS: Besides Matthew Fox (Jack) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), and maybe Harold Perrineau (Michael) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire)Terry O’Quinn (Locke) should have been a familiar face, courtesy of his creepy performance in The Stepfather.