Happy Find… My Impending Songsmith Addiction

The wunderkinds wonderbreads Vistapushers, um, developers at Microsoft have developed a retarded gay lame program called Songsmith.  If you’re brave enough to watch the research team’s demonstration video about the product, be my guest and click here.

For those of you wise enough to trust me, which isn’t saying altogether much about either of us if you do, all you need to know is that Songsmith is a music making program.  And I use “music making” in the loosest sense.

The premise is this: you hook your mic up to your pc and open the application.  You sing a made up song however you want, and the program will create the backup music for you.  Srsly.

The fun part is that there’s a YouTube channel by azz100c that contains plenty of famous original vocals run through the program.  A few of my favorites are a folksy version of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, and to explain the sound of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” would spoil the fun.

(Thank you again ever so much Videogum… you rock!)


  1. madamelibrarian · January 22, 2009

    Billy Idol is insaaane. I was thinking about learning guitar to pursue songwriting endeavors, but Songsmith will probably do the trick.

  2. sgottahurt · January 22, 2009

    FYI – It’s available for free download at

    I’d be interested in hearing yours and Songmith’s results! (If you do create something, I may try as well… but for now, I’m gonna settle with the classics…)

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  4. azz100c · January 23, 2009

    Glad you like the videos. Thanks for the compliments :-)

  5. sgottahurt · January 23, 2009

    They are well deserved. Perhaps a Billy Joel tune next?

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