Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? The Year Of The Arrow (Plus Bonus COC’s!)

I figured know I’m not the first to notice this, but are you noticing a trend?

Keep your sights on the bulls-eye…

First, Katniss has her way with the bow and arrow in The Hunger Games, then Hawkeye shows up as a master archer in The Avengers, and finally Princess Merida goes all Robin Hood in Brave.  Kinda weird, right?  Like Hollywood’s prepping us for Armageddon by developing a fondness for rudimentary varieties of arsenal.

But like I said, I unfortunately was late to the (hunger) game catching that one, so howzabout this Coinkydink or Coinkydonk… the flying vessels the Chitauri use in The Avengers are similar to the flying disks in Masters of the Universe movie:


What about the Chitauri Leviathan, then?  It looked comparable to those Decepticon ships in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, right?

Yeah, this one’s a bit better… let’s go for one more COC!

Remember how it looked for Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit?

Don’t look so surprised, Mr. Jr.

Do you think they got their idea’s from 1997’s Star Kid?

Spot on, I’d say.

Musical Musings… My Favorite Lonely At The Bar Songs (Not That I Ever Go To The Bar Alone)

I was really trying to buy more time to think of more songs like these, but I needed to share what I have now.  I’ll add more later one day, but these are the songs that make me feel like:

  1. I’m sitting alone at a bar
  2. on a rainy day
  3. feeling introspective
  4. not in a self-loathing type of way
  5. but in a how did I get here and where do I go next type of way
  6. and there’s a band playing one of these songs
  7. regardless of the song’s content
  8. and nobody’s really listening
  9. except me
  • Bob Seger’s Mainstreet
  • The Jeff Healey Band’s Angel Eyes
  • Billy Vera and the Beater’s At This Moment
  • Dan Fogelberg’s Same Old Lang’s Syne

That’s enough of me being cheesy today.  You’re probably thinking:

Thank Gouda

Happy Finds… Doubly Overstimulated Edition

I hate to be crude, but I’m having difficulyt typnig write know…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(IF IT DOESN’T WORK CLICK HERE —> Happy Easter From Kate Upton Video, posted with vodpod

hears another… perha[s on3 someladies may enjoy a bit two…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(IF IT DOESN’T WORK CLICK HERE —> The Sun – Romantic Death (Official Music Video)…, posted with vodpod

Awful Battle… Dead Dogs + Kid Films = Bad Idea

Once upon a time (not ABC-Disney’s eponymous show), Tim Burton and Don Bluth were a part of the Disney family.  Coincidentally (Coinkidinkily), one of the last projects they shared parts of was The Black Cauldron (Burton designed the The Horned King Bluth animated a few uncredited scenes).

Anygurgiwantsmunchiesandcrunchies, they share one other similarity: a fascination with dead dogs (not really).

SIDENOTE: A Coinkydonk , too?  Why is this an Awful Battle?  Read on.

In 1984, the last thing Burton made for Disney was a short film called Frankenweenie.  This lead to him getting fired.

As for Bluth, All Dogs Go to Heaven ended his short streak of hits.  Even though it developed spin-offs, it was mostly a flop following the highly successful An American Tail and The Land Before Time films.   (RIP Judith Barsi)

Now that Disney and Burton made money peace over the stop-action Nightmare Before Christmas and live-action Alice in Wonderland films, he’s flipping the script on his newest film:

Why does it seem even creepier animated than the original which was live-action?!

Wasn’t this sticker enough?!?!

Perhaps the alternate isn’t much better:

(Get it?  Dylan Dog?  Dead of Night?)

monkeyFLASHmonkeyBACK… They Don’t Write Theme Songs Like That Anymore

This imagined post from the past comes upon the heels of two interesting and recent developments: my re-falling in love with Kelly Preston, and that there will (possibly) be a sequel to 1988’s Twins called Triplets!  Eddie Murphy will play Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long-lost brother.  My head is spinning, and not a because of a tum-ah!  (Sorry, wrong film…)  Here’s what I might have written when I was 13: 

Good thing presidents don’t have sequels!

1988 has come and gone.  So has a great year at the movies.

Not only did the best action film ever get released (by the way, it’s Die Hard), but there was a return to animation being mixed with live action in the incredible Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Time will only tell if they’ll make any more movies that mix real actors and cartoons (doubt it), and who could possibly make another action film about one guy taking on an entire group of baddies in such a believable manner (no one)?  But what I really want to write about are this year’s “big” comedies.

There’s a reason I put big in quotes – Big is one of the fantastic comedies that came out this year.  Beetlejuice and Naked Gun were good clean-ish fun, and I wasn’t supposed to see the unclean-ish Coming to America, but I did.

For me, the stand-out was Twins and you might be inclined to think these are the reasons why:

  1. It was truly good clean fun (and funny).
  2. Kelly Preston is beautiful.
  3. Arnie and Danny have comedic chemistry.

In jest truth, it was the film’s on-the-nose soundtrack.  Aside from The Spinners’ Brother to Brother (playable down below), you had this gem by Little Richard and Phillip Bailey:

In My Brain While Sleeping… A Strange Way To Spend Easter Sunday

What do these three dudes have in common?

trainspotting pineapple express idiot brother

It's a coincidence all three of these films are about drugs.

They all appeared in a dream!  (Thank glob it wasn’t… well, just thank glob it was what follows.)

I was in some mall, in the outskirts of the food court near Game Stop.  I was vaguely aware it was Easter Sunday for some reason, and I found a couple other people who seemed to be waiting for something.  So asked them if they were there to play soccer like I was, and they were, so I joined them.

Not too long after, Paul Rudd showed up.  He double-checked if we were the group, and once we answered, he kept his face buried in his cell phone.

James Franco arrived next.  He wasn’t that interested in mingling either, otherwise I would have asked for him to autograph something for my mother (she loved him on General Hospital.)

The last to make it was Ewen McGregor, and he was the most social, despite keeping his sunglasses on.  I don’t remember much else besides this except for the thought that I awakened with:

On the soccer field, would I call him Ew for short?  That sounds too much like “you”

Perhaps he’d answer to Mac?