In My Brain While Sleeping… A Strange Way To Spend Easter Sunday

What do these three dudes have in common?

trainspotting pineapple express idiot brother

It's a coincidence all three of these films are about drugs.

They all appeared in a dream!  (Thank glob it wasn’t… well, just thank glob it was what follows.)

I was in some mall, in the outskirts of the food court near Game Stop.  I was vaguely aware it was Easter Sunday for some reason, and I found a couple other people who seemed to be waiting for something.  So asked them if they were there to play soccer like I was, and they were, so I joined them.

Not too long after, Paul Rudd showed up.  He double-checked if we were the group, and once we answered, he kept his face buried in his cell phone.

James Franco arrived next.  He wasn’t that interested in mingling either, otherwise I would have asked for him to autograph something for my mother (she loved him on General Hospital.)

The last to make it was Ewen McGregor, and he was the most social, despite keeping his sunglasses on.  I don’t remember much else besides this except for the thought that I awakened with:

On the soccer field, would I call him Ew for short?  That sounds too much like “you”

Perhaps he’d answer to Mac?

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