Coinkydink Or Coinkdonk? 50 First Rachel McAdams’ Notebooks

Rachel McAdams… why can’t you get into better movies?

Her latest is a Channing Tatum film. A Channing Tatum film.

The Vow may be based on a true story, but it’s like a story we’ve heard before.  (But doesn’t this happen all the time in Hollywood?)

Take the end game of The Notebook:

She’s an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, and the whole movie is her husband telling their life story, which was also based on a true story (oops, I forget to put SPOILER ALERT!)

And mix it with this flick:

And you get The Vow:

Channing Tatum plays the husband to Rachel McAdams’ amnesic wife, and he doesn’t know how to act… just like in real-life.

See – it is a true story!

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