Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Remake To The X-Treme!

I really wanted to write about how Prudential’s new billboards look like Taco Bell’s less crazy ones, but I couldn’t find any good pictures (nor did I feel like getting into an accident on the freeway) to make a point-counterpoint.

Prudential's Billboards' Sayings

Taco Bell's Crazier Style Billboard

Taco Bell's Tamer Billboard With Wrong Color Scheme

Every time I see the yellow-on-purple wisecrack statement, I think it’s an ad for my primary nutritional source.  But again, I don’t have any evidence.  You’ll have to trust me.

Instead, I’ll deal with the remake of Footloose… or at least their previews.

I’ve never seen either film, so my experience with each is limited.  But based on what is revealed in each preview, the remake is a REMAKE! to the fullest extent.  Aside from dead kids causing a dancing ban, and an amping-up of elements (choreography, exploding buses, faster suicide train runs, and a much prettier lead actress), the new Footloose looks exactly the same.

  • New
  • Old

If you want an example of how to make better remake, check this out:

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