(Sort Of) Happy Find… White People Problems (Plus My New Idea)

The site White People Problems is hit or miss, but when it’s good, it’s okay.  Basically, it doesn’t make you laugh or smile, but it will make you think this sound:


That’s what makes it a (Sort Of) Happy Find.  Oh, you want examples?  Here’s some hehxamples:

So these got me thinking… not about other ethnic group’s problems, or Western culture collectively, but about retirees.  I only say this because my retired mother recently complained about how she was upset about one event because she couldn’t plan out her vacations.  Yes, there’s an S on the end of that.

So allow me to introduce my latest brainchild, ImSoRetired.  Here are some examples:

This post could have also been titled:

Things That Make You Go Heh