Musical Musings… Save Me, Glory Days

My original post title went through a few quick revisions.  This one almost made the cut (but was cut for being questionable):

Glory Trains

Anymaxweinberg, here we meet again.  It’s another liberal borrowing claim, this time against Pat Monahan and his cronies.

Tell me what you think about the opening of Train’s latest (probable) hit, Save Me, San Francisco:

It sounds like the softer guitar version of the opening to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days (starts at 38 second mark):

Okay, so maybe the first two noted are transcribed, or one guitar strum is skipped, but bounce back and forth between the songs.  Ignore the drum beats and listen to the guitar.

I’m calling it.  Are you?


Speaking of the glory days saving me, why don’t they use effects like the ones in these old songs anymore?

  • The opening chimes from Hall & Oates’ I Can’t Go For That:
  • The drumbeat breakdown in New Edition’s If It Isn’t Love (starts at 2:49 minute mark):

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