A Handful Of… Appealing Newscasters

It takes a lot to be a newscaster.  Unless you’re appealing.  Then it’s easy.

Of course I’m being sarcastic.  (Or am I being sarcastic by saying I’m being sarcastic?)

Regardless, here are A Handful Of newscasters that fared well in the looks department.  Call ’em appealing, call ’em attractive, call ’em hot… just don’t call ’em entitled.

First captured my attention: TV on main floor of workplace

I have to admit – I still haven’t heard Ms. Burnett in action, but she’s on the LCD monitor in our lobby everyday.  One day, I’ll hear her voice.  I hope she doesn’t sound like Miley Cyrus… (Burn!)

First captured my attention: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

She’s probably as stuck up as they come, but I can’t help my schoolboy crush on Ms. Kelly.  I’m pretty sure Jon Stewart feels the same…

First captured my attention: ???

I know she’s been in the biz for a while, but one day I just realized Ms. Curry is attractive.  Either she has always been and I’ve been too busy to notice… or I had a dirty dream about her that I don’t remember.

First captured my attention: saving the world on Onion News Network

You might not know her name, or her face, or her fake news show, but Ms. Alvarez (in reality, Suzanne Sena) is a presence unmatched by most real or fake newscasters.  She’s like the eye of a storm… that she caused.

First captured my attention: ABC's The Mole

I am only human.


  1. jerkstore · February 18, 2011

    Else is upset you did not include the KCAL weather girl.

  2. sgottahurt · February 18, 2011

    Jillian Barberie? She used to look good back when I lived in LA… Thirteen years ago!

  3. jerkstore · February 20, 2011

    Ew not her! Try Jackie Johnson.

  4. sgottahurt · February 22, 2011

    This girl? Yes. I blundered.

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