JusWondering… Can Music Stalk You?

He doesn't look at all like the stalking type...

Can music stalk you?

This was a question brought up by my friend Chris.  You see, within one week (six days actually), he encountered not one, not two, not three but three songs by Roger Miller.  I was not aware I was aware of him and his music, and neither was Chris, but for some reason, he decided to investigate.

On Tuesday, during an episode of the excellent Raising Hope (which was originally called Keep Hope Alive – a much funnier name),  there was a song featured as a recurring joke.  It was called, Do Wacka Do and it went a little something like this:

Then on Friday, while he was oot n’ aboot (that’s Canadian for “out on the town”), he heard King of the Road, a tune we were each already familiar with, but did not know the performer:

Then on Sunday, while watching the excellent Jackass 3D (which should have been called Keep Johnny Knoxville Alive), a bit was built around this ditty called You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd:

So can music (or in this case, musicians) stalk you?  All I know is it’s happened to me before.


Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? No Ordinary Cast

I don't think that house-shaped "A" made the final cut. Also... is this really an effective opening image? It makes me think someone jumped out the window.

The jury’s still out on ABC’s new superhero drama(?) No Ordinary Family, but despite my borderline indifference towards it, I’m still regularly watching it.  To me, executive producer Greg Berlanti knows as much about superheroes as Heroes’ executive producer Tim Kring did (I’ve ranted about him once before).

Let’s take a quick peak at their hist-heroes:

Tim Kring

  • Chicago Hope
  • Providence
  • Crossing Jordan

Greg Berlanti

  • Dawson’s Creek
  • Jack & Bobby
  • Everwood
  • Dirty Sexy Money
  • Eli Stone
  • Brothers & Sisters

Sure, Berlanti is producing next summer’s Green Lantern movie, but an expert that does not him make (did that sentence sense make?)… But that’s neither hero nor there-o in regard to what this post is actually about.  What I’ve noticed is that the cast is composed mostly of cable show ex-pats.  To begin…

  • Michael Chiklis
    • Now: father Jim Powell
    • Then: Detective Vic Mackey on FX’s The ShieldJulie Benz
      • Now: mother Stephanie Powell
      • Then: Rita Bennett on Showtime’s Dexter
    • Romany Malco
      • Now: friend George St. Cloud
      • Then: Conrad Shepard on Showtime’s Weeds
    • Autumn Reeser
      • Now: lab assistant Katie Andrews
      • Then: Lizzie Grant on HBO’s Entourage
    • Guillermo Diaz
    • Stephen Collins
      • Now: potential bad guy Dr. Dayton King
      • Then: Bruce Mathis, biological father of Dennis & Deandra Reynolds, on FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    • Kay Panabaker
      • Now: daughter Daphne Powell
      • Then: Debbie Berwick on Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future
      • Then: a guest spot, Coinkydinkily, on Showtime’s Weeds
      • Then: also extra Coinkydinkily, a guest spot on 7th HeavenStephen Collins’ former show

Drunken Recollection… Wedding Train Of Thought

A (Not So Artistic) Literal Wedding Train

I didn’t ever intend this blog to contain a lot of music-related posts, but I can’t help it.  Music is everywhere.  In movies.  On MTV TV.  In my car.  Which I am in.  A lot.  For work.  Not to live.

So this post will be about a quick train of thought about a few songs that occurred at – you guessed it – a wedding.

First came this song:

We couldn’t remember who sung Wind of Change, and the ambient noise was too loud for Shazam took do its job, so I had to do it the old fashioned way.  I Googled it.

Turned out to be by the German band, Scorpions, and it was released in 1990, which was later than I had expected.  We also found out Scorpions had also performed the song, Send Me an Angel.

We confused it with this version by Real Life:

(SIDENOTE: The above version is from 1983.  There was also a 1989 edition if you’re interested.  We didn’t know the Scorpions‘ tune of the same name at all.)

The other mixed-up train of thought occurred when we thought Nights in White Satin (which I always thought was about knights that wore satin armor in protest since I never really listened to the words) was by Procol Harum.

Nope.  It was by The Moody Blues.  Procol Harum’s most famous diddy was A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Coinkydinkily, they were both released in 1967, and their videos are after the jump.

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Just Sh–ty To The Sh–… Michelle Pfeiffer, Amazingly


For whatever reasons between then and now, I was never a huge Michelle Pfeiffer fan.  Audiences saw pretty and pensive Actor!; I saw someone that reminded me of someone in my life I couldn’t quite stand.

So that catches us up to now.  Having recently gotten into Netflix (as opposed to buying everything on DVD that I planned on seeing), I’ve found myself on strange viewing tangents.

Recently, I’ve gone from a documentary on Ozploition (Not Quite Hollywood) to a film featured in that doc (Dead End Drive-In) to a poster featured in that flick (Into the Night) to becoming a fan of its star and ingenue, Michelle Pfeiffer.

With that film, I was finally able to see what the American public (and People Magazine) always saw in her, and I decided to see all the early works in her filmography.  So I started with Grease 2, and that means I bore witness… to this:

Song-writing aside – and believe me, the music was completely Crisco bacon-fat in a coffee can to Grease – I’m amazed she had a career at all after, ugh, Cool Rider.

And that’s speaks volumes to her skills as an Actor! I may even be so kind as to eliminate the sarcastic italics and !


SIDENOTE: The only song worse than anything from Grease 2 is Everything is Food from Popeye (only watch if you hate yourself):

InASense, Lost… This UFO Stuff Is Really Starting To Get To Me

It’s one thing when rednecks and daytime talk shows are talking about the true existence of aliens (or my drunk friends after witnessing strange lights over the ocean at night while on a cruise), but it’s a whole ‘nother thing when Stephen Hawkingthe Vaticanhigh-ranking government officials, U.S. Air Force missile silo operators, and China are chatting it up.

And then there’s this:

I know I’ve mentioned my top three fears on this site before, but I would like to officially add a fourth.

4) Aliens

In My Brain While Sleeping… Daniel Tosh’s New Show

Daniel Tosh, host/star(?) of Tosh.0, made an unexpected appearance in one of my alcohol-induced dreams.

And there wasn’t just one of him, but a plethora.

Basically, Tosh was starring(?) in another “Comedy” Central show called Candy Games.

He played all these weird characters that live in a candy machine that happens to be an apartment building.  So either it was a very large dispenser of massive sugar concoctions, or the inhabitants were teeny tiny.

The plot circled mostly around his real-life self and his live-in girlfriend named Candy.  You see, they were engaged, but should wouldn’t put out until they were married, hence Candy Games, I guess.

And of course, there was a wacky neighbor that dressed in a bunch of strange costumes all the time.

Don’t ask me to explain it… even though it occurred in my subconscious.

Starring Daniel Tosh, Daniel Tosh, and Daniel Tosh (Not starring Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, nor Eddie Murphy)

Is it possible this dream stemmed from seeing this malfunctioning sign on the way home from soccer?

(Not at all likely.)