So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Bicycles In 80’s Movies

He really has a "Can Do!" attitude.

This So, Duh! Pop Quiz was inspired by something my sister Becky noticed.  In 80’s movies, there was nothing more common than a good bike chase.  Well, maybe it wasn’t common at all, but it seems to be relegated to only films made back then.  See if you can figure out which spokes appeared in which flicks:







(Okay, this one is technically from 1979...)



(answers after the jump)

1) E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial

2) Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

3) Revenge of the Nerds (click here to watch this scene)

4) The Goonies

5) Better Off Dead

6) Breaking Away

7) Quicksilver

(SIDENOTE: While Hollywood is still obsessed with remakes, I think they should get to “re-imagining” Quicksilver STAT!  There’s a plethora of failed brokers that could be turned into bike messenger dancers, and a vast audience waiting to see that…)

8) Return of the Jedi

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