Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Time To Cash In On The Collective Unconscious

The other morning, I was waking up (as opposed to not waking up, which would be dying I guess… and digress), and I watched an infomercial for this:

The 30 Second Smile as it is known was an old idea of mine called The Teethbrush.  Well, it’s not exactly the same, but mine would be even easier/messier.  It would have been a retainer full of moving bristles on the end of a stick, and could have been even quicker than The 30 Second Smile.

(SIDENOTE: As a man who loves puns, I feel like they missed out on an opportunity.  “30 Second” sounds a lot – er, I mean, exactly like “32nd”… Grown adults have 32 teeth…  I don’t know what the punny slogan could have been.  I’m not paid to dream up their ad campaigns!)

So anytooth, this isn’t the first time my ideas have been plucked from the collective unconscious, and I think it’s time for the collective unconscious to pay!

Here’s a list of thoughts nabbed from my napping noggin in the past.

Most recently, it was in the form of an iPhone app I wished existed, and now finally does…

Does not provide directions to the actual border...

Oh, that app was out long before I wrote my post?

Time for me to start doing better research.

(SIDENOTE: I’m probably not really going to do better research.)

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