JusWondering… Is A Detroit Bucket List Ironic?

I wish I took a screen cap of an advertisement for something called The Detroit Bucket List, or that I at clicked on the link, because I’m having the hardest time finding out what it was (translation–> nothing on the first page of my Google search looked familiar.

One thing I found was a trailer for a locally produced “movie” with the same name:

It’s from two years ago, though (you can catch a glimpse of Tiger Stadium before it became a barren field).

Otherwise, I found this Facebook page and not much else.

But all in all, it got me JusWondering… is a Detroit Bucket List in any way ironic (because both imply impending doom)?  Is it an oxymoron?  Or just plain ol’ moronic?

Well, anyyallzboy… about this time last year, I started a bucket list with the promise to continue it.  This is me continuing it – Detroit style!

  • I want to produce a documentary about Detroit in its heyday (what a fun word, BTW). I would love to see footage of Detroit’s early American origins, through its prosperous periods, to its eventual downfall.  Maybe Ken Burns could put together this opus.  Why won’t I do it?  I’m too lazy.
  • I want to produce a show about a cop from another (better funded) city trying to get things done in the Detroit Police Department. Imagine a detective from New York, Chicago, or Miami battling not only the crime, but the system… I think it could be intriguing.
  • I want to shake up the system. Namely, I could see myself running for mayor.  I’ve lived in Detroit for 98.8% of my life, and I deserve the opportunity as much as any of the other clowns that have “won” the position.  First order of business – shit-can the useless City Council and bump up the number of fire fighters and police.
  • I want to build a movie studio in Detroit. This was an early wish, long before Hollywood even came calling our neck of the woods.  I also envisioned setting up excellent filmmaking programs at Wayne State University (my alma mater), U of M Dearborn (only), and Hank High (a.k.a. Henry Ford Community College).  I have my reasons for these three.
  • I want to move out of Detroit. A man can dream, can’t he?


  1. omawarisan · July 10, 2010

    How can that (or any) area support a coney restaurant on every corner?

  2. sgottahurt · July 13, 2010

    I guess we really enjoy our chili-covered hot dogs… and Walgreens… and CVS’s…

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