JusWondering… When’s The Last Time I Paid For Any Of These Things?

It recently occurred to me that I haven’t paid for a few of these things in awhile:


What's worse - paper cuts or cut-offs? Discuss.

As an almost life-long writer (though you may not be able to tell by the crappiness that is this site), I’ve needed to print up many an item.  This never happens at home.  Or at Kinko’s.  Or at my ma’s.  I will not state where I do my printing, as not to indict myself.


These, I might buy.

Batteries are required for only a few things in my home – my wireless keyboard and mouse, my remote controls, my thermostat, and my Wiimotes.  I don’t buy batteries.  I switch them around as needed (thermostat gets the highest priority ‘natch, followed by the remote controls).  I will not disclose my power source.


Hey kids! These are fun to put in microwaves!

This is more of a situation dealing with a change in times.  I used to go through blank CD’s like Mountain Dew, until I got my iPod.  And jump drives and portable external hard drives have eliminated my lust for blank DVD’s.  But still, even when I regularly used them, guess what?  I never bought them.


How'd I miss this pic?

I mean pictures, of course.  I used to have to “take pictures,” but now I can just take pictures.  Geez.  Don’t judge me just because the internet is full of REDACTED.

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