Hibbidy-Wah?! The Worst Song You May Ever Hear

Play him off, cat piano!

Play him off, cat piano!

By now it’s safe to say that almost everyone has heard about keyboard cat (or should it be Keyboard Cat, like a proper name).  Within a few more days, it will be equally safe to assume that everyone will have heard of the above contraption called the katzenklavier, or in English, the cat piano.  Okay, maybe that meme won’t hit as big, but it doesn’t make its concept any less shocking.

Basically, the way it works was this:

Cats (or picture kittens to make it more horrific) are arranged according to the tone of their meow (or in this case, whine… not to be confused with “case of wine” which of course would go well cheese, and mice like cheese… um, what was I talking about?)  Then their tails are stretched out and fastened underneath each of the device’s keys, and under each key – a nail.  I think you can figure the rest out.

Don’t worry.  They’re barely in existence anymore.  Only singers like Miley Cyrus and groups like the Jonas Brothers still make use of them.

And speaking of brothers, it’s about time to get to the Worst Song You May Ever Hear!  (Not to be confused with Worst Band Ever!)  Performed by the Wilburn Brothers (and oh, will they) in 1959, Knoxville Girl isn’t just bad… it’s wrong.

(via Heartless Doll)