JusWondering… How Do You Make An Old Meme New? Just Add A Little Keyboard Cat

Although YouTube feels like it’s been around forever/4eva , it’s really only been here for just over four/4 years.  But what it’s wrought – flash-in-the-pan celebrities, viral videos, copyright battles – will be here for awhile.

Since I’m pretty much in constant contact with the TripleDoubleU, I’ve seen my share of crap and my share of gold.  It’s sometimes funny to see how long it takes a family member to bring up something I caught months ago. 

So imagine my pleasant surprise at this spoonful of sugar that helps the viral videos go down that much sweeter.

Play me off, keyboard cat!  (For some reason my faves all have to do with kids and dogs… go figure…)

For more go to these YouTube channels: BrotatoChip or theKeyboardCat, or simply PlayHimOffKeyboardCat’s site.

(Big thanks to Chris for finding this one!)

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