InASense, Lost… Tricky Beavers, Horny Money, and Fuzzy Nudes (Need I Say More?)

This happened on a news broadcast here in Detroit.  I don’t know how someone pulled the wool over the network brass’ eyes (or whatever the furry dam-building creature’s pelt is called), or if someone genuinely possesses that name (doubt it would be filmed if that were true), but I won’t spoil the joke:

I’m glad no one at Channel 4 was so uptight to exclude the shout-out, on the off-chance it is real.  That usual uppity highbrow mentality keeps cool commercials like this one out of the good ol’ U.S. of T&A:

But on theother hand, our Puritanical ways keep weird shit like this from happening on TV, too:


(thanks again to Chris and Dave)