In My Brain While Sleeping… Animal Fights – GO!

I must confess.  That header probably indicates way more excitement than my actual dream entailed.  What made this dream stay with me was the fact that it was so unbelievably dumb, it awakened me giggling.  It wasn’t laughing, it wasn’t chortling… it was merely tee-hee.

The fight in question: Blowfish vs. Starfish.

(Sort of) Artistic Representation

(Sort of) Artistic Representation

Now where could this dream have originated in my subconscious?  It could have been from watching this preview:

Not only is Renegade the star, but Deborah/Debbie Gibson is Acting! in this CGI monstrosity as well?  Sign me up!  (You see, Debbie Gibson is my first concert experience and an early crush… *blush*)

How about some other animal fight options?

INGREDIENTS: A sole chicken finger from the bar and lotsa agua.