My Friday Funk Is Funking With Me

Yeah, this video pretty much expresses how I feel this Friday:

Like what happened to this apartment? 
Why is there a cuckoo bird walking around the room? 
Who’s filming the creature and why? 
Is that a sitar being used in that song? 
Did the music come before the video or was the video inspired by the tune? 
Why did I listen to and watch the whole thing?

Yeah, essentially all that, but completely different questions…

For more videos like the above, you can go to the semi-not-eponymously named website, Amazing Aaron.  (I’m assuming his name is really “Aaron.”)

And if you’re really a glutton for feathers, check out these equally semi-not-eponymously named website, Fluffy Birds, in which Buster is accompanied by Sandy and some laundry baskets.

(Thank my sibs for the oddness today)