Worth 1002 Words… Sextraterrestrial Edition (NSFW)

nsfwcrop2nsfwcrop1Normally, the point of Worth 1002 Words is to get quickly to the point.  That is, I post a picture (the 1000 words) and the two word caption (the 2 words).  Sometimes, I offer alternates to the two word caption, which usually means my initial “joke” wasn’t strong enough (and the alternates do not help).

This one is a bit questionable in content (hence the NSFW shout out), but here’s the teaser – it involves the dude on the left and the guy on the right, and the alternate captions are:

  • Reese’s Piece
  • Amblin’ Entertainment
  • Steven Squealberg
  • Beeee Goooood

(picture after the jump)

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