Hibbidy-Wah?! The Scared Bear Stare!

This poor neurotic bear cub has many issues to work out… namely, it needs to reconsider the company it associates with.  For starters, the dick humans that keep throwing it in with other scary baby animals, like lions and monkeys.  And heaven forbid putting it in the same enclosed space as that ever-so-frightening shadow! 

In all actuality, I’m all for doing this exact same thing with humans.  Fortunately for me (and perhaps for small children), I haven’t met any toddlers that were too afraid of other animals yet. 

Believe that one day when I do, I’ll be sure to dangle that kid above a barking dog.  Just out of reach of each other.  You know… for fun to teach a lesson.

That lesson being do it on a Korean (?) television show.  That way you can post it on YouTube.  Trust me on this.