InASense, Lost… Baby Stripper Shoes?

File this one under, “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?”  This picture pretty much says it all (if you didn’t believe this post’s title):


Glass bottomed heels are optional.

So okay, high heels aren’t specifically “stripper shoes,” but they definitely are in poor taste and bad judgment when you put them on an infant.  It’s as bad as putting writing on the back of actual baby shorts and sweatpants.  Moms – little girls aren’t your living dolls, accessories, or Chihuahuas… they’re new people.  New human beings.  Full of life and potential.  I’m not saying it’s a sure path to coke-whoring despair, but there are better options.

See how these moms react:

I could go on and on about how this idea may be the worst thing since:

Only a Dad would buy this shirt

Only a Dad would buy this shirt

But my explanations would sway no one and only come across as redundant to your reactions.

That’s why should I happen to have a daughter of my own, I’m going to raise her to trust no one.  I’ll encourage her to be a little reporter and investigator, and she’ll come home and tell me all the things she’s uncovered.  We’ll create journals and files and collect news clippings.  That way my daughter will be a little more Veronica Mars than Gossip Girl

Or super seriously paranoid.

Maybe I shouldn’t be a parent…


  1. Tina · July 15, 2009

    People really piss me off with this stuff. My sister and brother-in-law are so aware of what they dress their 3 year old daughter in. It amazes me how many kids bathing suits have tiny little triangles and strings and crap like that. She is a kid! Why would anyone want to even give the illusion that she has boobs that should be ogled at? And the pants with writing on the ass? The point of the writing is to be read, which means someone is staring at your ass. That might be fine for a high school girl to garner attention (though I still don’t think its cool or the right kind of attention, but whatever), but for a kid? SERIOUSLY?

    People are idiots, Sean. That’s the problem. :)

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  3. Winatchaya · December 22, 2012

    b mi devo ricredere le ulmtie immagini sembrano fatte davvero bene e di qualit .Certo che poi dalla Wii cosa volete pretendere? tecnologicamente fa parte della vecchia generazione, con della potenza in pi . Per me la grafica c’ tutta, l’importante e che sia molto veloce, fluido, e dannatamente divertente.e che usi il motion PLUS!!!!!! the conduit ce lo da 2gg.

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