InASense, Lost… Atari 2600 Porno?

Fuzzy memories of my 80’s childhood are sprinkled with diverse moments, such as:

  • time spent in front of the living room TV (our only TV) watching classic shows like Manimal and Baby Makes Five
  • time spent in front of the living room TV documenting every game on The Price Is Right
  • time spent in front of the living room TV playing Kaboom! on our Atari 2600
  • time spent in front of the living room TV sleeping

woodtvMan, I loved that living room TV.  It was encased in wood and its screen was somewhere around 30 inches across.  There were no dials.  Instead, it had touch sensor controls.  You could change the channel with your toes!  (Because there was no remote, you see.)

Anybarnstorming, as per usual, the past wasn’t as innocent as remembered.  Was anyone else aware this existed?


Custer's Lost Standards

Released the same year as the awful E.T. (and the good one), developer Mystique released several adult-themed Atari 2600 games, of which Custer’s Revenge was its most infamous.  Oh, in case you were wondering about the graphics and the game play, have at it:

Let it be known, I’m fully aware everyone looks at their past with rose-colored glasses, but now I feel the need to wear a trench coat, too… because that’s what perverts do.  Or so I remember heard…

BONUS: Mystique’s other two releases were Bachelor Party (pic below) and Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em (for the most graphic 4-bit pic, click here).

Their 'Breakout' Hit

Their 'Breakout' Tit - I mean, Hit - I mean, Failure