JusWondering… Why Am I The Only One Celebrating My Half Birthday?

w00t w00t!

Today is my half-birthday, and for those of you that drink milk through a straw, it means it’s six months since my birthday and six months until my birthday!

For heaped upon years, I’ve been trying to get family and friends alike to celebrate my half birthday by giving me presents.  Their reply:

You didn’t get me anything for my half birthday.

My reply:

Because you didn’t get me anything for mine!  I started the idea, and I’ll roll with it!

So for those of you reading this that know me, I will gladly accept one of the following three items.  They are in no specific order.  I have no preference.  There are three to allow room for ‘a surprise,’ but the biggest surprise would be for everyone to work together on getting all three.  And I will not go into any explanations other than “Me wanty!”





Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer


Hello Kitty Taser

Hello Kitty Taser

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