(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… Pet Peeves At Work

It’s that time again (a whole four days later), when Paul, my current boss and for-some-reason friend, blackmails me into posting top five lists for him.  It’s punishment because I blog on the job.  So here it goes:

Paul’s Top Five Pet Peeves @ Work [Ed. – @ instead of “at”… y’know, since we’re an IT firm]

1) People that don’t wash their hands after using the public restroom [Ed. – As opposed to the private restroom?]

2) Habitual misspelling and improper capitalization [Ed. – Friend/coworker Chris is natorius for This]

3) Firms with partners names in them [Ed. – Plenty of law firms with plenty of egos in our building]

4) People that choose the middle of three stalls when the end ones are empty [Ed. – Guess where Paul tends to be when we need him… it’s not the center stall]

5) People that use the elevator to go up or down one floor [Ed. – Hey sometimes after a night of basketball and soccer, a person gets tired.]

One comment

  1. Venessa · March 13, 2009

    umm….somehow I think Chris is an offender of #1 as well….gross!

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