My Life Is A Mess! (Now With Instructional Videos)

Considering my friend boss, Paul, is out of town, and he yelled at me for not posting another one of his lists before he left for vacation, I figured I’m not going to do much work this week.  In fact, I’ve considered paying somebody mere dollars to do a big job just so I can sit at home and do, well, pretty much the same thing I plan to do at the office.

Considering the result of such actions might lead to me getting the boot, I really appreciate this video’s suggestions for helping me to find a new job:

Come to think of it, my love life of late has loved being late!  Ha!  Wait, that sounds like I got someone pregnant.

Anywhereintheworldiscarmensandiego, here’s another instructional video.  This one is supposed to help me with the ladies:

If all else fails, I could learn how to play the slots from this guy:

(Thanks to Everything is Terrible my life is back on track!)