Oh, The Engines You’ll Search!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m really going to miss this Google doodle celebrating Theodor Geisel’s 105th birthday.  Long live Dr. Seuss!
One Phish, Web 2.0 Phish, Red Vs. Blue Fish

One Phish, Web 2.0 Push, Red Vs. Blue Fish

In My Brain While Sleeping… Shoe Car Shoo!

My busy week has lead to restless nights.  Last night was no exception.  I could not get comfortable (until I was supposed to waking up, ‘natch), and any dream of computer work instantly brought me back to reality.  I even scared myself in the mirror when I was up hitting snooze (in case you either forgot or didn’t know – I keep my alarm clock in my bathroom far away from my button-happy trigger fingers).

Aside from the IT nightmares, I kept having dreams about these:

Wonderful for convering unsightly cankles.

Wonderful for covering unsightly cankles.

Except they were giant-sized.  And they had wheels.  Because they were cars.  Between every twist and turn in my pursuit for some decent rest included a dream about the return of the Shoe Cars.

Does it have a shoe horn?

Does it come with a shoe horn?

It was as if they had existed once before, like when the new Volkswagen Beetle was released.  My uncles and I were kicking back beers on my grandma’s porch (who knows why this scenario), and talking about how you never see Shoe Cars anymore.  Sure, you’d see this all the time (yeah, right):

Also available in the OsCar compact.

Also available in the OsCar compact.

But the Shoe Car?  As soon as we mentioned it, a new one, colored blue, passed right by.  We clanked beer bottles, proud of witnessing the return, or for the sheer luck of catching sight of one.  Throughout the rest of the night, that stupid Shoe Car wouldn’t stay away.  I might have even seen one outside the window in one of my computer repair visions.

Undreamed of... until now.

Undreamed of... until now.