Drunken Recollection… Quite The Celebrity Mix-Up

Out of context, I have no idea what these two Actors! have in common.  In context – I still don’t.  That mostly has to deal with the fact that I was tipsy, but the mostly is barely a mostly, because I also never watched either of the shows these Actors! starred in.

CELEBRITY #1 – Jan-Michael Vincent

Star of "Airwolf"

CELEBRITY #2 – Philip Michael Thomas

Co-star of "Miami Vice"

The only explanation that comes to mind is:

  • They both were in 80’s TV shows
  • They both peaked with said 80’s TV shows
  • They both have the same middle name (kinda)
  • Their names consist of three first names
  • They both were thrown a bone by PMT’s former co-star, Don Johnson:

"Nash Bridges" - Revelations

"Nash Bridges" - Out of Miami

As Dana Carvey’s Church Lady would always say:

Some others in the Three First-Namers Club:

  • Billy Ray Cyrus and Jonathan Taylor Thomas

I might confuse them one day by their hair or jackets.

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