JusWondering… Where Would I Rather Live?

My brother recently packed up and headed west to California.  He’s moving into the area known as Korean Town, and he was not too happy to find out that this show might be happening:

K-Town… Korean American’s answer to the biggest question mark in the world… Jersey Shore.

Considering either area might not be a viable living option for most, the third option could always be Detroit.

You could wait to watch the new ABC show called Detroit 187, or you could share my experience.  The following pictures were taken the other day on my way to the ballgame:

I was going to add something about the Detroit Tigers not being able to catch a break, but…


  1. Mike · August 15, 2010

    At least K-Town’s girls are hotter than the Jersey Shore’s.

  2. sgottahurt · August 16, 2010

    Agreed. Which is surprising, considering how hot the Jersey Shore girls are.

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