Breaking News (If You Care)! Heidi Montag Expecting (If You Can Believe Her Twitter Page)

UPDATE: It was a stupid April Fool’s joke, but then again, look at the perpetrator.

You can see the great certainty with which I’m announcing the the fact that Heidi Montag Tweeted that she’s not only expecting, but she’s hoping it’s a boy.  Is it an April Fool’s Joke?

From her Twitter page:


Now, I must admit… I’m still not sure the page is real.  She does so much “Bible thumping” and “God is great!” singing and dancing, that it seemed out of character for her.  But alas, I (obviously) do not know her, and I don’t live in L.A. to verify her events, such as her supposed Ryan Seacrest show appearance that was cancelled, so it could be real.

So hey, I guess that kind of puts the kibosh on my wish list plans for next Christmas

BONUS: Click here to hear her new songs.  Oh, the timing of it all!  What kismet!  Hahaha… KIIS-met!  That’s Seacrest’s station!  And did you also know season five of The Hillsstarts April 6th?  Such serendipity!  Extra emphasis on the dipity!

Worth (More Than) 1002 Words… Pixar Vs. Dreamworks In A Doodled Nut Shell

Um, I have not much more to add to this.  The pictures say it all.  If a photo is worth a thousand words, these doodles have to be at least worth, what… 1672 words?  But no matter what, they sum up my feelings about Pixar and Subpar Dreamworks perfectly.  (Hey, there’s no mention of Finding Nemo?  Oh well.  And I will admit that I did enjoy Over the Hedge, though it bears minimal resemblance to the cartoon strip is was based on.)


(via Filmdrunk and Twitterer Cerebus19)

Happy Find… Twistori

Whether you’re a fan of Twitter or not, there’s an interesting site out there that kinda sorta acts like the ear of Santa Claus, or maybe any of the gods or politicians you heathens pray to… Hail Zeus!  (Or maybe it’s what people call crying help lines about – see below.)

Anywebtrend, the site is Twistori, and it basically searches Twitter for any phrase that contains I love, I hate, I think, I believe, I feel, or I wish (which is basically everybody), and it streams them according to which set you pick.  As proof of narcissism or as a social experiment, it’s pretty neat, I think.  Here’s a couple screen shots, but I love it when you check things out for yourself.  I hate the fact you might miss out on in.  I think you should check it out, srsly.  I believe it’s not-to-be-missed.  I feel it’s one of the more interesting side application websites.  I wish you would visit that site soon.

 (See what I did there?  Ah, go stuff yourself.)



(I wish I knew what this phone line was all about.)