Unofficial Trilogy… B-Movies With B+ Endings

This is an Unofficial Trilogy I would never brag about, but I have to recommend.

One of these won't leave you feeling icky.

Galaxy of Terror

This Roger Corman classic is known primarily for three things:

  1. Joanie (Erin Moran) from Happy Days and Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund) are in it
  2. James Cameron (yes, that James Cameron) worked on this film’s special effects
  3. The worm scene

It’s because of #3 that I loathe to recommend it, but it’s story ended up impressing me slightly (because my expectations were so low).  Hence, the B+ ending.

The Toolbox Murders

This one starts off so stupid, I barely paid attention to it.  But there were two scenes that made me take notice:

  1. It contains Stephen King’s favorite death scene (Hint: it involves a nail gun.)
  2. The conversation between the kidnapped girl and the killer… is better than this film as a whole.

Group those in with the ending, and I say, it’s kind of worth watching if you like stupid slasher films.


This is the respectable one in the bunch.  It’s about a fraternity prank that goes very wrong,  similar Very Bad Things.  It’s fairly believable, and it ratchets up the tension quite well.  Then there’s the ending!  Use this one as a palette cleanser.

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