Unofficial Trilogy… “Who Arted?” Edition

This was another situation in which I happened to watch three films in order, and each subsequent film made me re-evaluate the prior one.  If this sounds arty as fuck, that’s because I watched three “documentaries” about the nature of art:

Aren't posters art unto themselves?

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Watch this film first.  It’s imperative to do so.  Plus, it’s the most accessible.  It unfolds as a documentary by a man obsessed with street artists, that unfolds into a documentary about that very same man.  Director and street artist Banksy examines what makes art “art” via this romp that also asks what makes a documentary “a documentary.”


Like ETtGS, this film received a lot of slack about whether it was real or a setup.  I sit on the sidelines and commend it for making me think not only about the events in this film (which though not surprising are still somehow shocking), and Banksy’s effort.

My Kid Could Paint That

I’m not big into abstract art, but I do have to admit that the artwork presented in this film was appealing… no matter the artist.  Again, I don’t want to give away too many details, but this film really shines a light on aspects of the first two films, by asking:

Are we admiring art or the artist?

Or as I titled this Unofficial Trilogy:

Who arted?

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