JusWondering… Why Doesn’t Everyone Here Know About Asma Mahfouz?

There are two things I rarely get into on this site:

  1. Politics
  2. YouTube videos longer than one minute

Well I JusWatched this video in its entirety, and I am amazed I haven’t heard anything about Asma Mahfouz.  I could say that’s possible because Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been on vacation this week, but the video’s more than ten days old, so that’s no excuse.  (Thank goodness I still had Roger Ebert.)

The reason why I’m shocked I haven’t seen much coverage of her (I had to type her entire name in Google) is because this video might have started everything that’s happened in Egypt.  And as Miley Cyrus might be inclined to say, “That’s pretty cool.”

It might not be our history, but it’s still history.

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