Musical Musings… The Most Obvious Euphemism For Mouth Love Yet

I rather enjoy Flo Rida and his dope beats (does anyone still say that?), but it’s his latest song that I have a point of contention with… it’s called Whistle:

Come on, Flo Rida!  You’re barely trying!

SIDENOTE: Back when I wanted to be in a ska band, I decided the moniker would be in the same vein as Flo Rida.  The name: NoBraSka.

Now I’m not claiming that these following songs have tact, decency, and cleverness… but at least the subject matter isn’t as obvious.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re still cringe inducing.  But not as cringe inducing as these lyrics (for illustrative purposes, I’ve removed the word “whistle”):

can you blow my _______ baby, _______ baby
let me know
girl i’m gonna show you how to do it
and we start real slow
you just put your lips together
and you come real close
can you blow my _______ baby, _______ baby
here we go

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: The whistling pleases me, so.

  • Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent’s Magic Stick

ONE MORE SIDENOTE: Man, is this song raunchy.  I never knew she said magic clitoris!

  • Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop

YET ANOTHER SIDENOTE: I like the line “She wanna lick the rapper”… Get it?  Wrapper = rapper?  Like for a lollipop, or a dick on a rapper?!

  • Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69

THE LAST SIDENOTE: You knew I wasn’t going to exclude everyone’s favorite Canadian export.

(more here)

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