In My Brain While Sleeping… Mitt’s Lit Promise

New Slogan: "Mitt Romney in a knit mitt hat, for you... for us."

I can’t wait for all this to be over.  There is no reason that I should have any dreams about politics, let alone Mitt Romney.

In this dream, he was not wearing the above hat, which is a pity.  But he did go into a rant about the auto industry here in Detroit.

So far, so goof.

The biggest part I remember is his big promise, and big blunder.

He promised to get James Patterson to stop writing so many books…

Just a "pattering" of his works.

…so Stephen King would write more.

King of the Fountain... Pen

You see, in my brain…
He confused Michigan with Maine.

(SIDENOTE: Patterson is not from Maine… he’s from New York.  But that’s close.)

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