Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? “The Weaver” In Action

When I used to work at the video store, one of my friends there introduced me to the idea of “The Weaver.”  His definition:

Some actresses look really hot in some movies, and not so much in others… just like Sigourney Weaver.  Hence, ‘The Weaver.’

She hasn’t been around for a while (aside from doing voices in animated films).  Scratch that.  She did three movies in 2008 (Baby Mama, Vantage Point, Be Kind Rewind), but I barely remembered her being in them.

But my point is this – throughout her history in film, sometimes she looked better than others.  To begin, I reference her duality in Avatar:

Why so blue?

In the film, her character even made a reference to her cartoon self looking “hotter” than her actual self.  Rather than me inputting my opinions (not like I ever do this), here are images of some of her major roles.  You can decide which side of The Weaver scale she falls.  (Not included below: Half Moon Junction, because of these NSFW results.)

Alien - Aliens - Alien 3 - Alien Resurrection

The Year of Living Dangerously

Ghostbusters 1 and 2

Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey

Working Girl


Galaxy Quest



The Village

Others that fall victim to The Weaver:

Cameron Diaz - Renee Zellweger - Reese Witherspoon

A Handful Of… Horny Birds In The Bush (Warning! No Nudity!)

We’re all animals.  Some of us more than others, of course, mostly because they are animals.

"Playa, playa, playa play on..."

This first video for the Vogelkop Bowerbird (click here) was found on my sister website, Something Knew (because it’s my sister’s website, you see).  These bowerbirds, from my understanding, are masters of seduction.  Using deer poop.

Birds of a feather...

There are over 40 different types of Birds-of-Paradise (click here) in Papau, New Guinea, and every one of them has the ability to flare their feathers in more interesting ways than this lady bird, or this peacock.

In searching for bird pics, I quickly learned that every photo must be preceded by the word "superb." This one was "super superb."

The Lyrebird (click here) isn’t as much of a (what’s the equivalent for “ladies’ man” in the bird kingdom?) as the above two, but I think it’s my favorite of the three.  Mostly because it reminds me of Larvelle Jones from the Police Academy movies.

And then who could forget about this one:

InASense, Lost… Kwedit (As In Credit, For Kids!)

Thass wight... Kwedit.

Gawer ’round, gawer ’round, kiddie widdies… have I got somefing fo’ you.  Not a stowy wike your vewy bad dwunk Uncle Sean might tell, but a vewy big suwpwise…

…er, I mean…

And what’s Kwedit, you might be asking, hence the what at the start of the sentence and the question mark at the end?  Well, howzabout I let Uncle Stephen tell you all about it.  Uncle Stephen?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Hip Hop Edition

"Makes your booty pop (and lock)!"

This one will not be as difficult as my last So, Duh! Pop Quiz (or as nerdy).  Well, maybe it’s still (white and) nerdy.

1) I don’t know what they want from me, but from you, I want to know what mo money often brings you?

    a) mo toys
    b) mo taxes
    c) mo family and friends coming out of the woodwork
    d) mo problems

2) Complete this analogy… H : IZZO :: V : ?

    a) AGINA
    b) IZZAY

3) Unscramble these performers names:

4) Who’s going back to Cali?

    a) LL Cool J
    b) The Notorious B.I.G.
    c) both a) and b)
    d) George Lucas

5) Which of the following ingredients LEAST help one feel laid back while thinking about money?

    a) indo
    b) Seagrams
    c) Tanqueray
    d) juice

Imma let you finish this quiz… after the jump… Read More

In My Brain While Sleeping… Peanut Butter Dream Theory

Skippy = Trippy

I’m really beginning to think I have my thumb on the pulse of my weird dreams.


These dream elements are merely that, without narrative.  But each of these happened the nights I went to sleep after eating peanut butter, either on a bagel or in Reese’s Pieces.

The Strange Reincarnation Metaphor

On the list of possibilities of what happens after we die, reincarnation falls below nothing for me.  It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around.  But I have considered, if it does happen, maybe it’s not the path for everyone.

Much like how in this dream I had a variety of snacks growing out of the entirety of my right arm.  My forearm was covered in smaller snacks, like Lifesaver mints and Good & Plenty’s (though not Reese’s Pieces).  The closer to my neck, the larger the treats became, culminating in pretzel rods protruding like crystal spikes from my shoulder blades.  I resembled a candy aisle version of Superman’s enemy, Doomsday:

There's a good chance those spikes are rock candy...

So what’s the reincarnation connection?  All the foods could be snapped off and were completely (and grossly) edible, and most, but not all, of them would grow back.  Like they were reincarnated, you see.  It made sense in that dream sort of way – don’t think about it too much.

Summer Never Ends at the Jersey Shore

Was it necessary for my subconscious to dream up this exchange?

Angelina to Snooki

You are to Cheetos what I am to popcorn.

Whatever that means.

Are they making the same face, or am I cross-eyed?

And that’s the situation… when I eat peanut butter and fall asleep.

Drunken Recollection… DrunkWonderings

While boozing with my fellow booze hounds not to long ago, a few wonderings popped in my head.  These are them (is that proper English or proper drunk-speak?):

1) As a child, I was a fan of the wrong film series.

"I've made a huge mistake."

For most of my life, it’s been Star Wars all the way for me, baby.  And as an (alleged) adult, I’ve paid for it dearly, both figuratively and literally.

  • Figuratively… in the sense that James Bond would have fostered my inner Lothario, as opposed to Luke Skywalker inspiring my inner whiny “hero.”  (Granted, I could have looked to Han Solo, but he didn’t have a lightsaber and couldn’t use the Force.)
  • Literally… in the sense that I spent way too much fucking money on toys in a bid to recapture my lost youth.

On the other hand, if I had idolized Agent 007, I might have lived a life of danger (both in and out of the bedroom), but definitely his love of gadgetry would one day complement mine.

2) I should have picked different friends.

"Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?"

Some of my friends I’ve known since I was four years old.  And at times I’m left to wonder, what does a kid know?  I already mentioned that I chose to make Luke Skywalker my hero and not James Bond when I was a young ‘un.  The incident that triggered this thought:

  • A friend-that-shall-go-unnamed-(though-he-knows-who-he-is) ran around Hooters getting the entire staff to sign the calendar he purchased for his toddler son.  Although one girl was clever (and inappropriate).  She wrote:

May your dreams be wet, and your diapers stay dry.  (Or something like that.)

  • To be honest, it was the gayest heterosexual thing I’ve ever witnessed.

3) Why does twelve seem like it’s a plural form of twelf, like how it is with pants and pant?

4) If going “number one” and “number two” means what they mean, what would going “number three” on up represent?


Why can’t I stop watching this video?

Here’s the shortened version for a maximized quick hit: