Awful (?) Battle… John Carter Of Attack Of The Clones

Having just seen Episode I again, it’s put some bad thoughts into my brain about the upcoming John Carter film.

I know I’m late to the party on this critique, but there’s a good reason.

I want John Carter (formerly Of Mars) to be good.

The reason is a simple one – I’m rooting for director Andrew Stanton.  And why, you wonder?

Hint: One of the answers is in his hands.

Andrew Stanton wrote and directed two of Pixar’s greats – Finding Nemo and Wall-E.  He also wrote and directed this Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ adaptation, so I’m hoping the third time’s just as charming.

But I’m afraid.  Very afraid.

Here’s a scene from the preview:

Dusty Arena: Check. Furry-ous Beast: Check.

Now here are some Episode II memories that this drudges up:

Dusty Arena: Check.

Furry-ous Beast: Check.

Couple with that the tired outsider-saves-the-day plot (John Carter’s of Earth, not Mars, so…), and my worries don’t seem unwarranted.

So is this an Attack of the Clones clone?  Hopefully, the two films have as much in common as these two do:

One has monkeying around in it and the other has a monkey.