JusWondering… Why Does “Crazy Stupid Love” Sound So Familiar?

Steve Carell’s reason for leaving The Office latest hits theaters this week, and something about its title leaves a ringing in my ear.

This is kind of a weird poster.

Is it because of this recent celebrated film?

"I was on the way to Tron and stopped by to sing a bit."

Maybe it’s because of one of these turdfests from the past?

Drew used to be cuter when she was crazy - I mean, mad.

Same goes for Kristen.

Perhaps it’s one of these two flicks with almost the same name?

We're getting close...

We took a half step back...

It has nothing to do with this film, does it?

Yup. This happened.

I know what it is… Crazy Stupid Love very well could be the sequel to this:

Better tagline: "Heaven help her get laid and get food."